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When I was twelve years old I had the chance to spend six weeks at a surf camp in San Diego. My Dad was trying to find something fun for me to do while school was out for the summer. Regretfully I told him I wasn’t interested and spent that summer at a lame YMCA camp instead.

I’ve often wondered “what if?” Had I gone to surf camp would I have started on my dream path of beach bumdom. In hindsight, this seems to be the better choice. I’m tall, blond, and love the beach.

Man, talk about the flip flop life…

I’d very easily look the part. Just think of it, days spent on the beach and in the surf. Man, talk about the flip flop life… I was reminded of this paradise lost when a pair of Quicksilver Carver leather flip flops arrived on my doorstep.

Quicksilver is one of the top surf brands in the country. They make much of the gear that real surfers wear – some of them probably went to surf camp.

My first impression of these flip flops was rather mild, mainly due to the color – beige.

The strap is a sued-like very soft leather while the footbed is a very supple yet grippy synthetic rubber ribbed horizontally for a righteous foot to flop grip.  I love these flip flops. There is no toe curl.

The weight is perfectly balanced. Not too heavy or too light, like a well-crafted surf board. Light enough to shred but strong enough to bash the lip if you’re not looking for finesse.

The more I wear these the more I want to wear them.

The sole is embossed with the trademark Quicksilver name and swell and curl logo. They are solid on wet, dry, smooth and rough surfaces.

The only drawback is in the fit.

In some conditions, my big toe peeks a bit too far over the edge of the flip flop like a surfer about to bail. I’m not sure if this is an issue with the shoe or my feet? Either way, it interrupts my flip flop bliss a bit. But, overall it’s not a major issue.

I’ll never know how my life may have been different if the twelve-year-old me had attended that surf camp. But these Quicksilver Carver flip flops give a glimpse of what might have been and it’s pretty rad.