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Reef Voyage Review – Home


A night in & weekend lounging at home


Reef Voyage review











Overall Performance


Today I get to review a pair of Reef Voyage flip flops and what a voyage it’s been

While wearing these flip flops I found myself wondering what is it about certain articles of clothing that makes them special?

We all have a favorite tee shirt, sweatshirt, or pair of sweat pants. It’s the first thing we reach for after a long day at work and we usually wear it all weekend; so long as we don’t have to leave the house. 

It’s our favorite pair yet never makes the cut when it’s time to head into the office or a night out with friends.

We wear it because it makes us feel good, not because we think it make us look good. It feels like home. For me it is a tee shirt that I bought 15 years ago at Death Cab For Cutie concert at the Showbox in Seattle. 

I still have and love to wear that tee shirt. It has a few holes around the collar, is faded and generally threadbare.

I’ve had to rescue it from the rag bin and even the trash bin a few times because my wife (who was with me when I bought it – another reason it is a favorite) sees only a worn-out old rag of a shirt. 

Though I only acquired them a month ago, my feelings toward that shirt best convey my feelings for the Reef Voyage flip flops, they feel like they’ve been mine forever. 

I knew when I first laid eyes on them that they had potential. Through their uninspired styling and extreme brownness shown glimpses of perfection. 

We wear it because it makes us feel good, not because we think it make us look good. It feels like home.  

I connected with these flip flops instantly. Slipping them on was nearly as significant a personal moment as that concert years ago with my future bride by my side.

The fit is spot onThe strap perfectly placed above the supremely comfortable foam foot bed.

The traction is excellent for walking around the housequick jaunts to the grocery store (hoping not to run anyone I know), or the occasional stroll around the neighborhood. 

The Reef Voyage flip flops feel like home and that is where they will get the most use.

If only the styling matched the feel, but that would be asking too much.