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Sanuk Sidewalker Review – Just for Fun


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Sanuk Sidewalker flip flops seem to be everywhere these days with a wide range of styles with fun names. When I picked out my pair of Sanuk Sidewalkers I wasn’t excited. 

Their too-wide footbed made them seem oafish and the linoleum floor black, white, and gray mottled pattern didn’t help things much. But I needed flip flops to review so in the basket they went. What followed was a surprisingly fun-filled, easy going, and completely comfortable adventure. 

The Sanuk Sidewalker is completely happy in its own skin and doesn’t worry about trying to impress anyone. They are who they are, take‘em or leav’em they fine either way. It turns out that who they are is a wonderful pair of all rubber, ready for the water flip flops. Sure, they squeak way too much when they’re wet but they don’t mind. 

True, the all rubber toe post is a bit uncomfortable early on, but it gets better once they break in a bit. They styling isn’t great, but that’s fine too because they feel so at ease on your feet. 

They are just so very relaxed and relaxing it is contagious

They became my go-to pair to wear to the pool. They’re all rubber and love the water. They’re built well enough that they don’t feel cheap but don’t feel fancy either. They’re just themselves and are up for most anything.

As time went on, I found myself seeking them out of my pile of flip flops for trips to the store, walks in the neighborhood and quick errands. 

Their comfy casual influence was so strong that they inspired me to dig out my most comfy pair of sweatpants and head out into the worldThey are just so very relaxed and relaxing it is contagious.

Sanuk Sidewalker flip flop review

The traction is great on both wet and dry surfaces with treads made up of dozens of little rectangular smiling faces (the Sanuk logo)

They literally leave a trail of smiles wherever you goSince they are all rubber and wonderfully casual, odds are they won’t last forever but that’s ok. They’re just what you need when they’re here and when they aren’t that’s fine too. 

Sanuk Sidewalkers are wonderfully charming all rubber, very casual flip flops. They’re reasonably well made, light weight andas their branding says, “made wide for a comfy ride.” It’s is so true. 

Even my very narrow feet could appreciate the wide comfy ride. Nicely done Sanuk.