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Tidal NY Women’s Classic Pickle Flip Flop Review – This is New York


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After reading the reviews by Flip and Flop for the Tidal NY Men’s Classic and Grow flip flops I wondered how their women’s flip flops would stack up. Many of the issues that they stumbled across in their reviews rested upon the narrowness of the flip flops. Which made me curious, would this be such an issue on my feet? So, I picked up a pair of Tidal NY Classic Pickle Women’s flip flops to review.

“Almost everything about these flip flops stands apart from the rest of the flip flop crowd.”

I wasn’t sure what the “pickle” part meant until I opened the box. I knew they were green, but these are a bright “pickle” green, a color that I’ve not seen on any other pair of flip flops, or possibly anywhere except maybe a scoop of rainbow sherbet. The color is much more vibrant in person than online, and that is saying something.

I knew right away that these are not your ordinary rubber flip flops, nor do they want to be. Almost everything about these flip flops stands apart from the rest of the flip flop crowd. For starters they are made in the USA. I can’t name another flip flop company that does that. Flip and flop touched on the fact that Tidal NY is doing real good by hiring US military veterans but seemed to miss the part about them actually being manufactured in the US, in New York in fact.

“The Tidal NY Classic women’s pickle is New York in a flip flop.”

The fit is very narrow but look good on my average sized women’s feet. I could see how this would be a bigger issue in a men’s flip flop. But for women’s flip flops they work. They are narrow but wearable. The partially renewably sourced rubber is cushy and comfy. The jiggly rubber strap and toe post are soft but strong and hold the flip flops firmly in place on my feet.

I love the tread on the outsole that shines with an array of stars on the front half. They have great traction on wet and dry surfaces and are pleasantly light but not so light as to feel cheap.

The Tidal NY Classic women’s pickle is New York in a flip flop. Yes, they can and are worn on sunny tropical beaches and hold their own very well. However, the Classic Pickle is in its element in the city, worn as only city dwellers would. At home, doing chores (Flip and Flop found this to be very true), at yoga, running across the street to pick up a bottle of milk.

In other words, they are intended to meet you where you are and enhance your life in the city. In this way, much like New Yorkers, and I’d even go so far as to say like Americans, they are unapologetically who they are. Fun, mundane, practical, passionate, and perfectly imperfect but earnestly working to make things better than they found them for everyone.

I love my Tidal NY Classic’s, they’ve become my favorite pair of at home, doing life, flip flops. What more could you want?