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Ugg Tasmania Review – Them’s the Breaks


Self-indulgent outings


Ugg Tasmania











Overall Performance


We’ve reviewed several Ugg flip flops over the years and it’s pretty clear that we have a love hate relationship with them. We love that Ugg takes the time and care to package them with the dignity and respect that we believe all flip flops deserve. We love their cushy cork and leather footbeds, soft straps and durable treads, that leave a trail of sunshine in their wake. Ugg makes beautiful flip flops and they know it. Therein lies the rub.

“How is it that Ugg consistently delivers on both?”

The Ugg Tasmania flip flop is a true double threat. A beautifully designed flip flop with plush slipper soft comfort. Typically, its one or the other. One need only look to the Skechers or Crocs flip flops we’ve reviewed to see the price all too often paid for placing comfort above style. How is it that Ugg consistently delivers on both? For the Ugg Tasmania this can be summed up in part with one word – shearling. The ultra-soft strap is lined with fluffy white shearling, the same shearling that made Ugg, Ugg, in their original boots. It is insanely fluffy and warm and cushy and combines the best part of a slipper with the toe freedom of a flip flop.

“Like an indoor cat, my slipper’s entire universe lies indoors.”

The footbed is made of what feels like the same lamb-soft leather found in most Ugg boots. It is soft, smooth (but not too smooth) and conforms wonderfully to the shape of your feet the more you wear them. I love the cork footbeds of the Ugg Seaside flip flops and was at first disappointed that they opted to not keep them in the Tasmania’s, but my disappointment disappeared the moment first I wore them.

The combo of lamb leather footbed and fluffy wool strap make for a flip flop that feels like a slipper – quite literally. Which causes what I can only describe as a cognitive dissonance. I own Ugg slippers and I love them. They keep my feet warm and cozy all winter longer. Like an indoor cat, my slipper’s entire universe lies indoors. They very concept of “outside” is one they would never even think to consider. To my slippers, indoors is all there is. Which is what causes the issue when I am outdoors in my very much slipper-like Ugg Tasmania flip flops. Wearing them out and about feels indulgent but not in the “I ate the whole carton of ice cream” sort of indulgence but the, “I’ve decided to go to the office naked today” sort of indulgence. It feels…un-right. Not quite wrong but…

“But we don’t really belong together and we both know it and that is ok.”

The Tasmania suffer from the same, and very frustrating, too loose strap. The straps are so loose that if I’m not careful one or the other of the flip flops will shoot off my foot mid-stride. So, I’ve got to be aware with every step. This too-loose fit serves to enhance my internal confusion of whether I’m wearing slippers or flip flops.

As with other Ugg flip flops, their self-assured good looks and right side of the tracks pedigree clash, almost violently, with all that is…me. Sure, we hang out together. Sometimes a lot. But we don’t really belong together and we both know it and that is ok. There’s an unspoken agreement that, even though they’re way out of my league, we can hang out together, but we can never be equal. And them’s the breaks, but so what. The time we spend together is time well spent.