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Flojos Jayden Flip Flop Review – Sweaty


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Flojos Jayden Flip Flop Review











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Today we’re reviewing Flojos Jayden flip flops. Throughout the years we’ve reviewed several pair of Flojos flip flops. We’ve met RyanAlonzoMessi, and Jack. Each is just fine, none are earth shattering. Because of this it may be safe to conclude that Flojos consistently cranks out C students. That is to say that each pair we’ve reviewed have been perfectly average. So, it is somewhat surprising to discover that Jayden bends the curve. Unfortunately, it’s down to a C-…at best.

Why? Well, to answer that we need to get into what some may consider a bit too personal of a topic. Sweat. Sweaty feat to be precise. Whatever synthetic material the footbed of the Flojos Jayden is made of cause, even my normally non-sweaty feet, to sweat. Not just a little but a lot, like a sumo wrestler in a sauna. The effect is immediate, consistent, and persistent. Sliding into the Jaydens my feet transform from their typically cool as a cucumber, dry as a bone selves into a sweaty uncomfortable mess, like a homeopath taking a chemistry exam.

“…like a sumo wrestler in a sauna.”

This is too bad because otherwise the Flojos Jayden is quite comfortable. They’re nice and squishy, giving plenty of cushion but not at the expense of nice arch support. The footbeds even include a nice wavy textured pattern that provides an extra of grip between the foot and footbed. The addition of this texture plus a nicely squishy sole make for a flip flop that really hugs the foot nicely. However, this same plastic-rubber material does not breath it causes the feet to sweat profusely, like a hemophiliac juggling knives. This makes wearing them an incredibly unsettling and uncomfortable experience, like wearing plastic socks.

The strap, though a bit bulky, is also very nice and soft and comfortable. It does its job of holding the foot gently in the shoe quite well. The outside of the strap looks to be made of a synthetic leather and the inside is a well-padded and very soft nylon material. These are attributes that typically result in a flip flop that is comfortable, and easy to wear. However, the fact that they make your feet sweat like a small nun at a penguin shoot, wearing them for much longer than a few minutes is unbearable.

The out sole is made of a hard-ish rubber with decent traction however it’s the sort of sole that is oddly slidey on hard smooth surfaces. But, overall, the traction is fine for walks around the park and do fine on dirt, sand, and grass. As I may have mentioned, the main issue with the Flojos Jayden is that they make one’s feet sweating like a lab rat at a science fair. This is so overwhelming and distracting that the traction never becomes an issue since you won’t want to walk in them for long.

“…like an earthworm in an aviary.”

Flojos has been so consistently average that it’s a surprise to conclude that they’ve made a flip flop, the Flojos Jayden, that falls short of this very consistent bar. Frustratingly, the soft sole, comfy strap and fine traction make them really enticing to wear. In fact, I kept finding myself putting them on over and over again having forgotten that the made my feet sweat like an earthworm in an aviary. I’d pop them on, my feet would sweat, and I’d kick them off again. This cycle repeated itself over and over and over.

Since a flip flop that makes your feet sweat like a glassblower’s arse just isn’t something most folks want to wear I’m sorry Flojos but Jayden and I won’t be hanging out anymore.